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About Us


CycleFeverTv’s Executive Producer and one of the shows’s hosts, Hank Knapp is a former school teacher and television producer for 20 years and has been riding for over 55 years. “I’ve taken some great trips around the country like my Orlando, Florida to Tacoma, Washington ride along with many other trips of a lifetime.” Some of them include the Grand Canyon, Lake George, New York and Nashville, Tennessee accompanied by longtime friend and riding buddy Bill Young. Hank and Bill set out on the open road to create adventures of a lifetime…and they did!

Hank and Bill decided to take some time off from filming but Hank got the bug for the show once again, so he called Bill to see if he wanted to start shooting once more. Bill called back from the golf course and told Hank he had two reasons he wasn’t ready to start filming. First, his golf clubs do not fit on a motorcycle and second, even if they did he couldn’t because Shawn bought his bike…the things Shawn will do to get on the show! So Hank decided to move ahead ahead with himself, Shawn (along with Bill’s bike), his buddy Gil and Shawn’s best fried JD to begin a new adventure!


Well with Shawn Knapp, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree! He knew with his first ride sitting on his dad’s gas tank up and down the streets in Rochester, New York that he was born to ride. Although he could never understand why there was only one motorcycle you ride and three in the basement in pieces. He started with his first dirt bike in the sixth grade when his mother finally gave in to his years of begging and has been riding ever since and started riding street bikes as soon as he got his restricted license. He actually loaned his first bike to JD in High School, and to this day he hasn’t got the story from JD on what happened to it…and JD can’t seem to remember! He loves hitting the open road with friends and family, his youngest daughter is his best co-pilot and won’t let the motorcycle sit in the garage for longer than a week! ” God only knows what will happen out and about with my dad, Gil and of course JD!” Like my dad says, he needs a riding partner with more commons sense than he has on a bike!


Gil Pelaez is a former Marine with 46 years of law enforcement. He is currently with the Orange County Florida Sheriff Department and retired NYPD officer. Gil has been a member of the Blue Knights Riding Club for over 35 years. “I’ve ridden to some great places like Frenchlich Indiana where I rode my bike to the Indianapolis Raceway which I rode my bike on the track, St. Louis, Virginia Beach, New Orleans, Deals Gap Dragons Tail on the N.C./Tennessee border which was a blast along with his many trips back and forth from Florida to N.Y. When he is not riding, you can find him playing stickball or playing the Congas or Bongos in his band, Arriba El Son! He is also quite the dancer so watch for his moves on the show! ” In all of my years in law enforcement…I have never encountered characters like Hank, Shawn and JD!”


We call JD the riding Spartan, all he needs is a protein drink, apple, a gallon of water (don’t get him started on drinking enough water) and his bike and he is good to go! Since he refuses to ride with any saddle bags you may find random hats and jackets flying off the back of his motorcycle on the interstate. JD has had different bikes throughout the years and just likes to live life and have a good time! JD and Shawn started riding together as kids with dirt bikes and have had riding adventures for years. You will find that he is happy to tell you about one of their many stories as long as it is at Shawn’s expense….JD is a truly genuine person and fantastic goodwill ambassador in anything he believes in. You can usually find him talking shop with someone at the gas pump, in a parking lot or even an ATM. When he is not riding, JD will be renovating homes, at the gym or some sort of health food store. ” I love to just get out there, meet people and talk about whatever interests them”.


I have been riding motorcycles for over 30 years and flying remote controlled helicopters for 10 years in the last few years have started flying quadcopters. I have logged hundreds of miles on my Harley and filmed hours of biker videos. So one night’s flying my quadcopter at bike night and this character named Hank comes up to me and asked a few questions after that he asked me if I’d be interested in working with Cycle Fever TV. I looked at him, scratch my head and said what the heck I’ll try anything once. The rest is history. So check out Cycle Fever TV to see where we will end up next. Oh one more thing Please Share our videos. THANKS FOR WATCHING

Cycle Fever TV

Cyclefevertv is a motorcycle travel show with 4 crazy hosts who want you to come along for the ride while they have fun and a few laughs!

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